Panic Attack


Panic Attack Duration and Trigger

More severe panic attacks may form a series of episodes waxing and waning every few minutes, only to be ended by physical exhaustion and sleep.

In conditions of chronic anxiety, one panic attack can roll into another, leading to nervous exhaustion over a period of days.

Panic Attack Trigger

People with phobias will often experience panic attacks as a direct result of exposure to their trigger. These panic attacks are usually short-lived and self-limiting, as they will subside once the trigger is no longer present.

Hyperventilation alone can bring about some of the symptoms of a panic attack. However, the person experiencing the panic attack often does not realize this and sees these symptoms as further evidence of how serious their condition is. An ensuing positive feedback loop of adrenaline release fuels worsening physical symptoms and psychological distress.

In some people, using marijuana can trigger moderate to severe panic attacks in its users. Panic attacks induced by marijuana usually influence the user to seek medical treatment, where they are then released as having a panic attack. It seems to be genetic as to why some people react this way to drugs such as marijuana and some medications.

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