Panic Attack


Panic Attack Definition

Most sufferers of panic attacks report a fear of dying, "going crazy", having a heart attack, fainting or losing control of emotions or behavior. These feelings generally provoke a strong urge to escape or flee the place where the attack began ("fight or flight" reaction) and, when associated with chest pain or shortness of breath, a feeling of impending doom and/or tunnel vision, frequently result in the sufferer seeking medical attention, often in an emergency room. Panic attacks have been linked to high quantities of acetylcholinesterase in the blood. Also the release of adreno-cortisols aid in catalyzing the panic attacks.

The panic attack is distinguished from other forms of anxiety by its intensity and its sudden, episodic nature. Panic attacks are often experienced by sufferers of anxiety disorders and other psychological conditions involving anxiety, though panic attacks are not always indicative of a mental disorder, nor are they uncommon. In fact some sufferers are not under any "fear" or any psychological illness but are under extreme amounts of stress and anxiety resulting in a panic attack or an anxiety attack. Up to 10 percent of otherwise healthy people experience an isolated panic attack per year, and 1 in 60 people in the U.S. will suffer from a panic disorder at some point in their lifetime.

When the sufferer experiences more than four bodily symptoms it is said that they have had a full blown panic attack while experiencing four or less symptoms constitutes a limited symptom attack.

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